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Thame Youth Café

About Us

Thame Youth Café exists for the young people of Thame and the surrounding villages. Set-up a few years ago after seeing a need to provide a hub where young people can gather safely, enjoy a variety of activities, get some refreshments and also support and interaction with them.

Thame Youth Café is primarily run and supported by volunteers. These individuals, from all walks of life, give up their time to hang out with the young people, feed them, play games with them, entertain them and create a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental environment. Oversight is provided by a committee under the umbrella charity – Thame Youth Projects Group.

Thame Youth Café is also a member of Oxfordshire Youth – a charity that supports youth groups around Oxfordshire, provides resources, training & activities. You can find out more about them here.

We run two youth cafés: one for 11-14s and one for 14-16s. Both cafés are managed by James Edney, Youth Worker for the Thame Youth Projects Group.

Youth Cafés

We run two youth cafés, for two different age groups, held at Christchurch Methodist Church on Thame Upper High Street.

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11-14 Year Olds

Meets every Wednesday of term time from 3-5pm.

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14-16 Year Olds

Meets every Tuesday of term time from 3-5pm

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Calendar & Details

We also maintain a separate calendar of youth events which may be of interest for your child(ren) when they're not enjoying Youth Café!

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Can you Help?


We are looking for more people to help run Thame Youth Café. If you are are willing to sit with young people, play games, supervise activities and be involved in the front line then please do contact us and let us know. We will run standard Child Protection checks, ask for references and support you fully in your assistance with us.

Get in Touch


The following individuals, organisations or groups have all contributed in some way to the running of Thame Youth Café. As a charity we are incredibly grateful for their support. If you would like to become one of our supporters please get in touch.

Contact Us

Drop us an e-mail to let us know what you think, or if you have any questions.

If you wish to join a café, please complete the consent form.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a contact form below, but before you get in touch please check our frequently asked questions - just click/tap on a question to see the answer:

Who can come to Thame Youth Café?

Thame Youth Café is open to any young person, as long as they are in the right school years (Years 7-9 for our Wednesday Café & Years 10-11 for our Tuesday Café). Most of the young people who attend go to Lord Williams's school but that is not a requirement to attend!

Do you run in the summer holidays and half terms?

No. As we are staffed primarily by volunteers we like to give them some time off during holidays and half-terms. We occasionally run pop-up events and one-off specials during some holidays but these will be advertised in advance through e-mail and our Facebook page.

What do I do if my child has left something at Youth Cafe?

If the lost property is clearly identifiable we will either make contact with you, or, if it's school related we will pass it onto school who can distribute it through school. If you're not sure if something has been left behind please get in touch as soon as possible and we'll do our best to locate it for you. You can message us through Facebook, use the contact form on our website or e-mail us at admin@thameyouthprojects.org.uk

What do I do if my child has come home upset?

We hope this never happens, but there are times when things will occur, or young people will fall out. We work really hard to make sure the young people respect each other however if something has gone on at Youth Café we would love to hear from you so we can support you and do what we can to help.
If we observe something happening whilst at Youth Café we will make contact with the emergency contact on the consent form to make you aware and talk through action we have taken and discuss how we can support you and your child.
We also do have a discipline policy in place at Youth Café and will follow that through to take appropriate action with any unacceptable behaviour.

What normally happens during a session?

Each session does vary but we do have a few staple elements which will be there at every session:
· Refreshments (food is important!) - we offer hot & cold drinks, toast & biscuits
· Consoles - Youth Café wouldn't be Youth Café without these! We have Xbox One's, a PS4 and a PS3. All our games are appropriately rated and we don't let young people bring in their own games so we can control the content. We also don't allow any on-line gaming on the consoles.
· Pool/Table Tennis/Air Hockey - we tend to have larger games like these available. They will sometimes vary to keep things fresh.
· Key Activity - each week we have a key activity. This can range from making smoothies, decorating tiles or t-shirts, making key-rings, quizzes. You can find out which activity is coming up by looking at the Youth Café calendar info. All our activities are free.

Do young people have to stay for the whole session?

No. We operate on a drop-in/out basis. Young people are free to arrive whenever they want to/can. Some come straight from school, some have sports or other activities after school and come later on. Similarly they are also free to go when they want to or need to. Some leave early for music lessons, some go down to town to buy sweets or chips.
We do record when a child enters & leaves Youth Café so we can maintain a safe registration list in case of emergency.
If you want your child to remain on the property for the duration of the session we recommend you discuss that with your child as it can be difficult for us to enforce.

Is everything actually free?

Yes! This is one of our key underlying principles. Cost can be a limiting factor for people, and we don't want to put any obstacles in the way of young people attending and participating in our sessions.
We work really hard at fundraising, applying for grants; and we are also supported by our great local community and regularly receive donations from a wide variety of groups and individuals. All of this means we can keep providing the premises, refreshments and all activities to the young people completely free of charge.
If you'd like to financially support the work we do, please check out our donate page.

How can I contact you during a session?

We have a mobile phone that is only on and used during Thame Youth Café. This is the easiest way of contacting us. The number is 07961 710 558.